2020/07/12 Written by jcastaneyra



My name is Jose Castaneyra, and I'm a Software Engineer (previously for a couple of years a Cloud Engineer).

As a Software Engineer, I work with different technologies. I have to say that I am always learning, so I would say that I am a generalist and avid learner, mainly on technologies like Java, Python, Javascript, Ruby, Spring, Rails, React, Amplify, AWS, etc.

During my journey as a Cloud Engineer, I got five AWS certifications; the last two certs are Solutions Architect - Professional and Certified DevOps Engineer - Professional, see them in youracclaim.com.

In this blog, I want to share some technical content about what I am passionate about; this mainly would help me to have saved notes for me in the future, but also could help others.

Do you want to send a message? Reach me out on twitter.

HEY!! in case you are looking my old blog, you can find it here => http://old.jcastaneyra.com.

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