Why am I writing again?

2020/07/21 Written by jcastaneyra

Photo by Lauren Mancke on Unsplash

A long time ago I had my blog (http://old.jcastaneyra.com), I used to write there only for my self, from personal stuff, thinkings and in most of the cases technical notes, and I thought could help me later, in that time I named it as "my repo of ideas", I even thought my posts could help to someone else, and this was how I started my blog with Jekyll, writing for about five years.

Around 2012, I stopped writing, and I did not update my blog for about eight years, now I am trying to get used to writing again, as a note, this not means that I am an expert writer, but you have to start with baby steps, then, I am here trying to write again, the tech stack here is: Gatsby, Amplify Console, and Route53.

In a different post, I will share how I did my blog setup, I think now creating a blog or even a web page is relatively fast with a stack like this, in my case, it took me a weekend, but it is important to mention that I am a newbie with this stack (with Gatsby), and also I think writing about the steps I did would help me to replicate all this even in a few minutes.